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  1. Read and understand the Eligibility and Policies page.
  2. Create a project based on the theme below.
  3. The project must be comprised of original content that you created specifically for this scholarship and that is copyright free or copyright obtained material (including pictures, music, text, and designs).
  4. Work from previous school or extracurricular projects may not be used.
  5. Please direct any questions regarding the application or theme to

Project Theme

You are the Marketing Director for an Upstate NY community called  “NoWhere.” You are responsible for promoting NoWhere to enhance its imagine and encourage families and businesses to settle there.

Create a video, website or some other creative material to promote the community of NoWhere and why it’s the ideal community for families and companies.

Submitting Your Application

  1. Once your project is complete, fill out and submit the Application Form.
  2. If your project is a:
    • Video
      • You must upload the video to YouTube.
      • Have your first and last name within the title of the video.
      • List the URL for your video on the Application Form.
      • If you do not wish for your YouTube video to be viewable by the general public, then select “unlisted” in the privacy settings when you are uploading it. This will make it so that all users who have the link to it will be able to access it, but no one else will be able to find it.
    • Website
      • List the URL on the Application Form.
    • Other creative project
      • Send the files to your project to immediately after submitting your application.
      • Materials must be in PDF format.
      • File size must be less than 10 GBs.
  3. The application form and project materials must be submitted by 5PM on Thursday, March 14th.
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